Please read through the below before you book a session, thank you!


What is Empathy?

We define Empathy as Presence. It is a state of deep receptivity, a conscious intention to hold space with one's whole being for whatever is alive for oneself or another, with compassion for this human experience, and without opinion or judgement.

"Empathy, of course, is a special kind of understanding. It's not an understanding of the head where we just mentally understand what another person says. It's something far deeper and more precious than that. Empathic connection is an understanding of the heart in which we see the beauty in the other person, the divine energy in the other person, the life that's alive in them." ~ Marshall Rosenberg PhD

What can I expect from an Empathy Session?

During an Empathy Session, you may speak about anything at all that is alive for you, anything you want to be heard about, anything that you have strong (or mild) feelings about. You can speak about joys, fears, frustrations, sorrows, celebrations of successes or mournings about unresolved issues in your life.
You will be deeply heard, with full presence and compassionate acceptance of whatever you share.
We may reflect back what we hear, guessing at the feelings and needs or values you are touching on, or we may remain silent for long periods, allowing you to fully express all that you have to share, before saying anything.
You are welcome to ask for reflection at any point.
It is common to experience a shift, a lightening, a deep breath, a release of some kind during an Empathy Session. This can be very subtle or quite noticeable. It is the result of being deeply held with full acceptance of whatever is alive in the moment, without someone trying to change, fix, interrogate, console, advise, judge, correct or educate you.

Do you have a sliding scale?

Yes, we offer a wide sliding scale. We highly value people receiving these skills and want to make them as available as possible.
We request that you contribute an amount that reflects the level of value this work provides to you, and your desire to support it, along with what is in alignment with your financial situation.
Please be aware that contributing at the higher level makes it possible for us to offer sessions to those contributing at the lower level, and also to be flexible for those requesting a larger sliding scale. Thank you for paying it forward if you are so able!
If the sliding scale is still beyond your means, please contact us to discuss how we can make it work. If you want to learn, we want to support you.

Our Guarantee: We want your needs for learning, growth and support to be met! If after our session you are not satisfied, please contact us to discuss a solution or a possible partial refund. We sincerely hope you are delighted with our sessions!

Are the sessions held by phone or in person?

Sessions are held by voice or video call on Signal, Facetime or Whatsapp, depending on your preference.
All of these options are secure and end-to-end encrypted, with Signal being the best in this regard.

Can I bring a friend?

You are welcome to bring one friend or family member to the Empathy Skills Training and the Relationship Skills Training. Couples mediation is for couples, two friends, relatives or co-workers.
The rest of the sessions and trainings are for one person only.

Why are we offering this work?

We are here to contribute to a world where people can speak, listen, sing and be heard from the heart, where everyone's needs matter and where people are aware of, and can harness their inherent power to create.
For us this is a powerful form of activism, as we believe that the more creative and connected we are, both to self and to other, the less we will choose violence, whether covert or overt, to try and meet our needs.
When connected, we are also naturally inclined to protect life in all forms, leading to more care and consideration regarding our impact on this precious earth and all the beings with which we share it.
Once we see and understand the ways that language, thought and unexamined belief systems can lead to disconnection and living by default, we can begin the journey to re-connection and move forward in creating a world of our choosing!

If you sign up for the Empathy Skills Training, please fill out the following self-assessments and bring the scores to our meeting:

Click here for the Self-Compassion Assessment.

Click here for the Toronto Empathy Questionnaire.

These are provided simply as awareness tools to learn from, so be sure to have compassion for yourself regardless of the scores you get!